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1) The _____ is the primary vehicle through which the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) exercises responsibility to provide for the preparation of joint operation plans. It provides guida... nce and direction from the CJCS to the combatant commanders and the Service chiefs for preparation of contingency plans. Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan 2) The relevance of the interagency process at the strategic level to the combatant commander and the U.S. military is that the process yields America's major national security policy decisions. True 3) While it is appropriate and strongly recommended to greet a person by name and grade, if you are unsure of an enlisted Marine's name or grade, "Marine" is as appropriate as, "Good morning, Sir," in the case of an officer. True 4) Successful teamwork requires _____ commensurate with responsibility. delegation of authority 5) The DoD Reorganization Act of 1958 _____. separated the Unified/Specified Commands from the Military Departments 6) Upon a declaration of war the Coast Guard may be transferred to and operate as a service of the U.S. Navy? True 7) The earliest form of the Coast Guard began on 4 August 1790, 1785554 1 1785520 2 1785676 2 1785814 1 1785645 1 1785594 2 when President George Washington authorized the construction of ten vessels to _____. prevent smuggling 8) U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Central Command, U.S. European Command, U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Pacific Command, and U.S. Southern Command constitute the _____. geographic combatant commands 9) The _____ is a lethal, agile, and flexible force, capable of executing a myriad of complex, joint special operations missions in support of U.S. policy and objectives. 75th Ranger Regiment 10) In the Chairman's White Paper, "Mission Command" (2012), the Joint Force of the future will find themselves operating in a security environment that is _____. dynamic 11) Gold and Silver Lifesaving Medals are a tradition of which Service? Coast Guard 12) Resilience-based training contributes to the overall mission readiness of the Armed Forces True 13) Marine Corps forces exploit the Total Force concept, employing combinations of active duty and reserve Marines to ensure that missions are effectively and efficiently executed. 1785489 1 1785501 1 1785532 1 1785658 1 1785698 1 1785482 2 True 14) Frequently a decisive element, the _____ principle of joint operations is based on the legality, morality, and rightness of the actions undertaken. legitimacy 15) The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is an operated by which countries? (Select all that apply.) Canada United States 16) ". . . the United States Armed Forces [is] comprised of Activeduty, Reserve, and National Guard components, today's allvolunteer" military, known as the "Total Force." Today's military known as the "Total Force." True 17) Deliberations involving the possible use of force must include the Reserve Component at what point in the planning process? early in the planning process 18) With over half of its forces in the Reserve Components, the Army relies heavily on _____. both the Army National Guard and Army Reserve 19) Which of the following are among the Coast Guard's roles? (Select all that apply.) 1785568 2 1785782 1 1785652 6 1785760 2 1785627 1 1785799 1 Environmental Protection Search [Show More]

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