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NUR 550 Topic 6 Benchmark – Part B: Literature Review

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Running head: BENCHMARK - PART B: LITERATURE REVIEW Benchmark - Part B: Literature Review Grand Canyon University Translational Research and Population Health Management NUR-550 June 24, 2019 Ru... nning head: BENCHMARK - PART B: LITERATURE REVIEW Part B: Literature Review Introduction Obesity is a health concern that impacts diabetes related illnesses in the U.S. population, especially in low socioeconomic status (SES). Group education and public health awareness program could lead to obesity prevention leading to lower risks in the population of diabetesrelated illnesses. The articles chosen were based on studies capable of effectively implementing education and awareness programs in communities susceptible to disease, specifically populations associated with obese or diabetes illnesses also examined variables engaged in implementing such programs. The general trend in youth obesity levels reflects a substantial and increasing class gap between upper and lower socioeconomic backgrounds of young people. Unhealthy behaviors such as physical inactivity, poor diet, and smoking have an adverse effect on health, the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, poor cognitive function, stroke, sudden cardiac death and mortality increases (Frederick et al., 2014). SES underlies three significant health determinants: health care, exposure to the environment, and health behavior. Low SES related chronic stress may also boost morbidity and mortality. Reducing SES disparities in health will involve policy measures targeting the socio-economic status elements; income, education, and occupation, as well as the mechanisms by which they influence health (Frederick et al., 2014). The purpose of this paper is to describe obesity is a health concern that impacts diabetes related illnesses in the low SES populations. The criteria used in choosing the articles, the main components of each article, and provide rationale to support the Part A-PICOT. Compare and contrast the articles and analyze the evidence presented in the articles. Running head: BENCHMARK - PART B: LITERATURE REVIEW Article 1. (Chang et al., 2014). Mothers in Motion This article analyzes the effectiveness of a community-based interventional program, Mothers in Motion (MIM), with 525 low-income African American and Non-Hispanic White mothers aged 18-39 years. The 16-week intervention employed methods of visual aids and professional-led interactions such as DVDs and support groups to English speaking mothers at least six weeks postpartum, focusing on healthy eating, stress management, and physical activity. Viewed from home, the DVD content is designed to be culturally sensitive and relatable as they feature the journeys of four African American and [Show More]

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