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NUR 550 Topic 8 Benchmark – Population Health Policy Analysis

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Running head: BENCHMARK – POPULATION HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS Benchmark - Population Health Policy Analysis Grand Canyon University Translational Research and Population Health Management NUR-550 ... July 4, 2019 Running head: BENCHMARK – POPULATION HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS Population Health Policy Analysis Introduction Advancements in medicine, healthcare improvement and longevity, aging of baby boomer generation, and decreasing fertility rates have increased the Aging Population (AP) percentage of the United States. Therefore, the size of the elderly, often frail, has increased. At present the nation has 53 million adults over 65 years of age: an estimated 90% want to age well in their own homes and communities, and not in nursing homes (USCB, 2019). State and local aging organizations create and provide local facilities and support needed to assist millions of aging Americans, to age in their homes and communities with health, autonomy, and dignity. The policy focused on is the policy of health and aging. The population of the United States will consist of more than 20% of the elderly population by 2030. (n4a, 2018). Among the AP, elderly people with chronic morbidities frequently need primary care and specialist consultations per year when compared with those without morbidity, and they are most frequently hospitalized. The policy and strategies that are implemented drive healthcare. The objective of the Strategy is to improve the duration of the life of people and to guarantee that their life is healthy and productive. (Darzi, 2016). This paper is focused on policy of health and aging and demonstrates the need for policy development to move beyond the core service of the organization in delivering healthcare. The policies required to ensure easy access to healthcare facilities to the AP. The goal is to improve access to quality health and enhance the quality and scope of health services. Encourage a health Running head: BENCHMARK – POPULATION HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS workforce capable of addressing current and emerging needs and protect the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable populations in the nation. Integration of Appropriate State, Federal, and Global Health Policies and Goals In policy design, distinguishing a cond [Show More]

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