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HESI PN Gerontology Practice Exam Latest Updated 2022 Already Passed

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HESI PN Gerontology Practice Exam Latest Updated 2022 Already Passed The practical nurse (PN) is implementing a self-medication program for an older resident who is newly admitted to an assisted li... ving community. Which actions should the PN implement to provide the resident ways to maintain safe medication administration? (select all that apply.) Correct Answer-A. Locked medication storage in the client's room. B. Medication Administration Record (MAR). D. Delivery of adequate supply of medication. E. List of findings indicating medication effectiveness. Which age-related changes in the cardiovascular system should the practical nurse (PN) document when evaluating an older client? (select all that apply.) Correct Answer-C. Cardiac murmurs. D. Widening pulse pressure. An older client who recently moved into an assisted living community refuses to eat or join any activities. When evaluating the client further, what should the practical nurse (PN) focus on during the next examination? Correct Answer-Depression. The practical nurse (PN) is caring for an elderly client with functional incontinence who lives in an assisted living community. The client is alert, mildly confused, and can self ambulate. Which nursing intervention should the PN implement? Correct Answer-Offer assistance with toileting q2 hours. The healthcare provider prescribes a new medication, atrovastatin (lipitor), for an older client who arrives at the clinic for an annual physical examination. What common side effect should the practical nurse (PN) advise the client to observe for with this medication? Correct Answer-Headaches. The practical nurse (PN) is re-enforcing discharge instructions with the family of an older client who was recently admitted for an intestinal obstruction. Which statement indicates that the family understands the instructions? Correct Answer-Report abdominal distention, constipation, or any nausea and vomiting to the health care provider. An older client asks the practical nurse (PN) how he can reduce his incidents of hemorrhoidal flare ups. What information should the PN offer the client to prevent rectal discomfort?( Select all that apply.) Correct Answer-A. Increase fiber and liquids in the diet to help prevent constipation and straining. C. Use a therapeutic cushion or frequent repositioning for periods of prolonged sitting. D. Take frequent warm sitz baths and use non-abrasive tissue that can tramatize tissues. E. Establish bowel habits by scheduling time where the client is not rushed to defecate daily. An older male client is seeking counseling about his recent sexual issues with his partner. What issue should the practical nurse explore in this discussion? Correct Answer-Certain medications may impact sexual function. During the quarterly evaluations of the clients in the assisted living community, the practical nurse (PN) observes for findings of failure to thrive in the gerian population. Which findings should the PN document and report as manifestations related to failure to thrive? (selct all that apply.) Correct Answer-A. Unintentional weigh loss [Show More]

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