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All Mid-term Questions with accurate answers, Rated A+

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All Mid-term Questions with accurate answers, Rated A+ A carabiner is a type of __ device - Ans-Connecting A figure eight on a bight is used to - Ans-create a secure loop at the working end A rope... carried by a fire fighter only for self-rescue from an extreme situation is called a(n) __ rope - Ansescape A rope is attached to a ladder for hoisting using a(n) - Ans-figure eight on a bight A rope with minimal stretch under load is - Ans-Static A safety knot is most typically used to - Ans-secure the leftover working end of a rope The escape rope must be __ once it is used - Ans-replaced Compared to a natural fiber rope, a synthetic fiber rope - Ans-has a smaller diameter than a natural fiber rope of equal strength For which application is dynamic rope especially well suited - Ans-Mountaineering From which end of the rope can a clove hitch accept tension without coming untied - Ans-either end Natural fiber ropes are created using which type of construction - Ans-Twisted Prolonged exposure to __ light can damage synthetic ropes - Ans-ultraviolet Ropes should be cleaned with - Ans-mild detergent The individual fibers of a natural fiber ropes are twisted together to form a - Ans-strand The kern of a kernmantle rope is its - Ans-core The term for a rope that is suddenly put under unusual tension is __ loading - Ans-shock What is a common cause of deterioration in natural fiber ropes - Ans-Mildew What is a common sign of damage to a kernmantle rope - Ans-depressions in the kern What is a defining characteristic of utility rope - Ans-It must not be used to support the weight of a person What is another term for a safety knot - Ans-overhand knot What is another term for a sheet bend - Ans-becket bend What is formed by making a circle in a rope - Ans-loop What is formed by making a loop in a rope and then bringing the two ends of the rope parallel to each other - Ans-Round turn What is formed by reversing the direction of a rope to form a " U " bend with two parallel ends - AnsBight What is one of the three primary classifications of rope based on function - Ans-Utility What is the preferred type for rope for rescue operations - Ans-Kernmantle What is the second most common synthetic fiber used for life safety ropes - Ans-polyester What is the term for a piece of rescue equipment worn by a person to secure that individual to a rope - Ans-harness What is the term for a rope used on an extension ladder to raise a fly section - Ans-Halyard What is the term for preparing a knot by tightening it and removing twists, kinks, and slack from the rope - Ans-Dressing What is the term for the part of a rope used to form a knot - Ans-Working end When hoisting a ladder, a __ line should be attached to the bottom of the ladder to help control it as it is hoisted - Ans-tag When is the use of utility rope appropriate - Ans-When the rope will not be supporting people Which class of harness is used to support a firefighter being raised or lowered on a life safety rope - AnsIII Which class of harness is used to support a firefighter in a rescue situation - Ans-II Which device is used to protect a rope when it must be dragged over a sharp or abrasive surface - AnsEdge Protector Which family of knots is used primarily to attach a rope around an object - Ans-Hitches Which fiber is commonly used in life safety rope - Ans-Nylon Which fiber is commonly used in water rescue rope - Ans-polypropylene Which item is commonly used to connect a rope to an anchor plate - Ans-Carabiner Which item is necessary to include in a life safety rope's documentation - Ans-History of use Which kind of rescue takes place in a location such as a tank, silo, underground electrical vault, or storm drain - Ans-confined space Which knot component is part of a clove hitch - Ans-loop Which knot is frequently used to secure the end of the rope to an anchor point - Ans-Bowline Which knot is typically used to tie together two ropes of unequal size - Ans-Becket bend Which knot is used to keep the hoisting rope aligned with the handle of a tool being hoisted - Ans-Half hitch Which knot is used to prevent the end of a rope from slipping through the primary knot - Ans-Safety Which knot would typically be used to attach a rope to a tree or pole - Ans-Clove hitch Which method is usually recommended for drying ropes - Ans-Air drying Which method of construction is required for life safety rope - Ans-Block creel Which natural fiber is commonly used to make ropes - Ans-Manila Which NFPA standard covers the criteria for design, construction, and performance of life safety rope and related equipment - Ans-1983 Which of the following is a commonly used dev [Show More]

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