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Comprehensive Test – Milady Questions and Answers 100% correct

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Comprehensive Test – Milady Questions and Answers 100% correct What term refers to vitamins and substances that have no calories or nutritional value, yet are essential for body functions? >>Ans>>... micronutrients What type of performance ingredients are made from phospholipids, ceramides, and sterols? >>Ans>>lipids. What is the binding of a protein molecule to a glucose molecule, resulting in the formation of damaged, nonfunctioning structures? >>Ans>>glycation What is phytotherapy? >>Ans>>use of plant extracts for therapeutic benefits What are cells that produce skin pigment granules in the basal layer? >>Ans>>melanocytes. What is the significance of the Cosmetic Act of 1938? >>Ans>>it distinguishes between drugs and cosmetics What term refers to infusing a negative (alkaline) product into the skin? >>Ans>>anaphoresis. Where should essential oils be placed for use in tandem with steam treatments? >>Ans>>on the wick-like apparatus that fits at the mouth of the nozzle What is the process of introducing ions of water-soluble products into the skin by using an electric current as the positive and negative poles of a galvanic machine? >>Ans>>ionophoresis What is the portion of the central nervous system that originates in the brain, extends down to the lower extremity of the trunk? >>Ans>>spinal cord. What is an open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of the body, accompanied by pus and a loss of skin depth? >>Ans>>ulcer. What is the method of electrolysis that combines elements of galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis, sending a current through a fine needle or probe? >>Ans>>a blend. What is the field of creating new products and technologies based on cosmetic chemistry called? >>Ans>>product development. How many times thicker than the epidermis is the dermis, approximately? >>Ans>>25x thicker. [Show More]

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