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ATI Learning System 3.0 Community Health Standard Quiz with Verified Solutions

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ATI Learning System 3.0 Community Health Standard Quiz with Verified Solutions A charge nurse in an ED is notified by the county;s emergency medical services that there has been a multiple-casualt... y crash involving a truck carrying radioactive waste. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?✔✔ Clear the department of all nonurgent clients and move those awaiting admission to a holding area. A home health nurse is performing an assessment of an older adult client's home. Which of the following findings should the nurse recognize as a potential hazard?✔✔ Wires to the television tunneled under the carpet. A charge nurse in an ED is informed that a tornado touched down in a nearby town and mass casualties are en route. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?✔✔ Follow facility policy to activate the disaster plan. A public health nurse is caring for an older adult client who has chronic airflow limitation disease and is a former cigarette smoker. The client's medications include DuoNeb inhalers, and she has a new prescription for home oxygen to use as needed. The nurse should recognize that this client's primary prevention needs include which of the following?✔✔ Annual influenza immunizations A nurse is planning to participate in a public education program about prevention of West Nile virus. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in her presentation?✔✔ "Eliminate sources of standing water." An industrial health nurse is caring for a client who states, "I have been under a lot of stress lately." When the nurse suggests stress management techniques, the client calmly states that he has a pistol in his car and intends to take his life in the parking lot after work that day. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?✔✔ Call emergency medical services to transport the client to a proper treatment facility. A nurse is working in the triage area of an ED. Which of the following activities is unlikely to be the nurse's responsibility in this setting?✔✔ Educating a client and his family A triage nurse is in an ED when several hundred clients who were injured in a train collision arrive at the facility for treatment. The nurse should determine that which of the following clients requires immediate treatment?✔✔ A client who has epigastric and left-arm pain and is diaphoretic A nurse is responding to a community-wide request for health care providers to come to the scene of an explosion. When using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization triage system, the nurse should put which of the following tags on a client who is unresponsive and has thirddegree burns over 75% of her body?✔✔ Black A charge nurse is assembling a list of clients who can be safely discharged home to accommodate incoming casualties following an earthquake. The nurse should recognize that it is unsafe to discharge which of the following clients?✔✔ A client who has an ileus following spinal surgery 5 days ago and is ambulatory in a brace A community health nurse is planning a study with the goal of improving the environmental health of a community. Identify the sequence the nurse should follow when conducting research.✔✔ Formulate the research question. Review related literature. Design the study. Analyze the findings. A home health nurse is caring for a client who is living in a mental health group home. During a visit, the nurse discovers that the client has been hoarding psychotropic medications. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?✔✔ Determine the reason for the client's hoarding behavior. A nurse is performing a community assessment in a rural setting. Which of the following types of health care should the nurse recognize is most likely to be absent in this setting?✔✔ Tertiary care A nurse manager at a clinic for clients who are homeless notes that many of the clients have a history of mental illnesses and substance use disorder. While compiling figures for a regulatory agency about the clients who visit the clinic, the nurse should classify these clients a having which of the following conditions?✔✔ Comorbidity A nurse is providing psychological counseling at a community center for families whose loved ones died in a fire. After learning that both their children died in the fire, two parents express disbelief at the loss of their children. One parent states, "How will I make it through this?" Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse?✔✔ "Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?" A nurse is caring for several clients who have become ill after a company picnic. After extensive interviews and a review of the food handling practices, the nurse determines that the most likely cause of the illnesses was a poultry dish that had been allowed to cool for several hours before being served. The nurse is performing which of the following steps in the epidemiological process?✔✔ Assessing A nurse is teaching a community group about smallpox. When discussing the possible means of transmission, which of the following statements by a member of the group indicates that further teaching is required?✔✔ "Smallpox can be transmitted through bites from insects, such as mosquitoes." A community health nurse is preparing a disaster preparedness plan about smallpox. Which of the following groups of people should the nurse include in the plan to inoculate?✔✔ Mortuary workers A nurse is providing teaching to a community group who lives near a nuclear power plant about safety related to radiation exposure. A client asks, "Isn't there something we should have on hand in case of a nuclear disaster?" The nurse should recognize that the client is referring to which of the following substances?✔✔ Potassium iodide A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a prescription for ciprofloxacin following exposure to anthrax. Which of the following statements by the client indicates further teaching is required?✔✔ "I will take the ciprofloxacin with an antacid if I get an upset stomach." [Show More]

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