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Pre-Test 1) The U.S. continues to become more dependent on the global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, i... ncluding the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. It is imperative that we safeguard this domain known as _____. information space networks cyberspace (correct) 2) In addition to serving as a liaison to State, local, and other Federal agencies, who serves as the federal emergency management agency (FEMA) single point of contact for DoD support during DSCA operations? Local Coordinating Officer (LCO) State Coordinating Officer (SCO) Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) Defense Coordinating Officer (DCO) (correct) 3) The foremost value of joint force leaders is _____. [Remediation Accessed :N] physical courage competence experience integrity (correct) 4) Leaders should look for which of the following warning signs that are suggestive of trauma spectrum disorders? memory loss nightmares depression all of the answers are correct (correct) 5) Select the answer that matches the following definition. Focuses on planning and execution of operations using operational art to develop strategies, campaigns, and operations and employ military forces by integrating ends, ways, and means. [Remediation Accessed :N] Political level Operational level (correct) Strategic level Tactical level 6) To be successful, a joint force commander must be able to influence and coordinate a diverse coalition of joint and multinational forces as well as civilian agencies and groups. What are some of the civilian groups the JFC must consider? (Select all that apply.) [Remediation Accessed :N] State and local militias Multinational forces Nongovernmental organizations (correct) Host nation agencies (correct) 7) Which of the following National Intelligence leadership positions advises the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, combatant commanders (CCDRs), and USD(I) on all matters concerning military and military-related intelligence. [Remediation Accessed :N] Director of National Intelligence Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Joint Staff Directorate for Intelligence, J2 Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (correct) 8) Military operations vary in scope, purpose and _____ across a range that spans from military engagement to major operations and campaigns. [Remediation Accessed :N] contingencies conflict intensity (correct) expected outcome end state 9) _____ is/are actions taken directly against terrorist networks and indirectly to influence and render global and regional environments inhospitable to terrorist networks. [Remediation Accessed :N] Antiterrorism Counterinsurgency Counterterrorism (correct) Stability operations 10) Which of the following are some of the key elements of the shape phase of joint operations? (Select all that apply.) [Remediation Accessed :N] stability operations (correct) organizing and training (correct) balance and simultaneity conduct of rehearsals (correct) 11) A logistics synchronization matrix allows joint logistician to monitor progress by which two of the following? [Remediation Accessed :N] displaying the timeline in which the logistician must complete tasks displaying the level of risk in which the logistician must operate displaying the logistician's responsibilities for integration (correct) displaying the logistician's critical tasks (correct) 12) Which of the following provides plans, policy, and guidance on Service member issues? Personnel Services Division Director's Action Group Personnel Readiness Division (correct) Joint Manpower Division 13) A forward deployed force and prepositioned assets, forces with organic movement capability, significantly contribute to the _____ of response. [Remediation Accessed :N] Strength Flexibility Timeliness (correct) Success 14) _____ emphasizes planning for the next phase of operations or sequels to the current operation. [Remediation Accessed :N] Future plans (correct) Future operations plans Current operations plans Theater-strategic plans 15) The _____ involves attaining a clear understanding of the CCDR's strategic objectives, and it is the most important step in the JOPP for the Joint Force Commander. If this step is done incorrectly, all planning steps which follow could be flawed. [Remediation Accessed :N] first step, Planning Initiation second step, Mission Analysis (correct) third step, Course of Action Development fifth step, Course of Action Approval [Show More]

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