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Psychology 101 Exam Latest 2022 Graded A Psychology ✔✔The science of processes and behaviors What are the values of Psychology? ✔✔1. empirical evidence 2. critical thinking 3. systematic ... research methods What are the goals of Psychology? ✔✔1. description 2. explanation 3. prediction 4. facilitating changes (therapy) Aristotle ✔✔Lived from 384 to 322. Believed that knowledge was acquired through experience Nature Vs. Nurture ✔✔Are a persons characteristics mostly inborn or learned? Four Laws of Association ✔✔1. Law of Similarity 2. Law of Contrast 3. Law of Contiguity 4. Law of Frequency Descartes ✔✔French Philosopher (1596-1650) Believed that behavior was controlled by the mind or will; we freely choose our actions Ernst Heinrich Weber ✔✔(1795-1878) - Psychologist at Leipzig. - Introduced Just Noticeable Differences as the unit of measure (ratio of weight) Gustav Fechner ✔✔(1801-1887) Formalized and developed Weber's Law; showed that it implied a relationship between stimulus intensity and the intensity of sensation. Herman Ebbinghaus ✔✔(1850- 1909) - Inspired by Fechner to discover quantitative order in higher mental processes. - Great innovator - Influence has lasted over 100 years - Developer of the Learning Curve (as time passes we remember less) William James ✔✔(1842-1910) - Wrote "The Principles of Psychology" published in 1890 - Believed the mind was a stream of consciousness - Studied various groups, not just individuals - Trained as an MD - Taught Psychology and Philosophy at Howard - Established a teaching lab in 1875 1879 ✔✔Psychology becomes a science, first psychology lab in Leipzig, Germany. Wilhelm Wundt ✔✔- First true Psychologist - Research assistant for Hermann Helmholtz - Wrote "Contributions Towards a Theory of Science Perception" in 1862 - Saw Psychology as falling between the physical sciences and social sciences Introspection ✔✔Looking inside oneself Edward Bradford Titchener ✔✔- Popularized Wundt's Psychology and brought it to the United States - Used introspection to uncover components of thought Charles Darwin ✔✔- Evolution - Offered an account for transmutation: Natural Selection to explain the adaptivity of traits Mary Calkins ✔✔- One of the first women in [Show More]

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