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WGU C202: Managing Human Capital Questions and Answers Already Graded A

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Human Resource Strategy ✔✔Links the entire human resource function with the firm's business strategy. Business Strategy ✔✔Defines how the firm will compete in its marketplace. Total Rewards... ✔✔The sum of all rewards employees receives in exchange for their time, efforts, and performance. The combined intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of a job. Employee Handbooks ✔✔Print or online materials that document the organization's HRM policies and procedures. HRM: Human Resource Management ✔✔The organizational function responsible for attracting, hiring, developing, rewarding, and retaining talent. Outsourcing ✔✔Hiring an external vendor to do work for the company rather than doing it internally. Nonfinancial Compensation ✔✔Rewards and incentives given to employees that are not financial in nature including intrinsic rewards received from the job itself or from the work environment. Intrinsic Reward ✔✔Non-monetary rewards derived from the work itself [Show More]

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