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Sheffield Business School_ Sales and Revenue Management: SALES AND REVENUE MANAGEMENT FOR HOTEL MARKETS (3500 Words Research Paper). Graded A. No Plagiarism.

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Module aims The aims of the module are to: 1. Enable students to understand the principles of revenue management and its application within the hospitality and tourism industry. 2. Provide students... with an appreciation of how to make strategic pricing decisions using relevant data. 3. Develop students' knowledge of strategic sales techniques and account revenue maximisation. 4. Encourage an appreciation of the links between the sales and revenue functions within hospitality and tourism organisations. Module Learning Outcomes By engaging successfully with this module a student will be able to: 1. Interpret and critically analyse a range of data in order to make convincing strategic price, revenue and sales decisions. 2. Recommend a sales and revenue strategy for a simulated hospitality organisation and defend those strategies in a group situation. 3. Evaluate how the relationship between sales and revenue teams impacts upon the overall success of a hospitality organisation. 4. Appraise the impact of current sales and revenue management trends on the industry and market conditions. Revenue Growth Drivers for Hotel Sector in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Far East Consortium [Show More]

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