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2.08 Practice Essay In Downe’s heartfelt letter to his wife, he portrays an inflated version of America to persuade her to join him in his new life. He utilizes a lively, conversational, excited, a... nd intimate tone as well as emotional appeals, highlights America's advantageous qualities using detailed imagery and hyperbolic examples, creates juxtaposition between life in America and England, and combats his wife’s reservations of the hardships to convince her to emigrate. Downe uses emotion to convince his wife to emigrate to America. He repeatedly refers to his wife as “my dear” and explains that his journey to America was made out of love for his family. He claims he would “rather cross the Atlantic ten times than hear my children cry for victuals once.” Additionally, he expresses that he misses his family and says “all that I want now is to see you and the dear children here, and then I shall be happy” and claims “it was sore against [him]” to leave without his family. His intimate and caring tone makes the rest of his argument resonate more with his wife and strengthens the desire to reunite their family. Throughout his letter, Downe never ceases to convey his excitement about his life in America. He maintains an enthusiastic tone as he tells his wife about the wonderful opportunities, the amazing affordability of food, and the kindness of the people around him. He mentions that people “do not lock their doors here” and were willing to lend him a barrel until he had emptied it. Everything he mentions is expressed with a sense of sheer wonder. This aids in creating a vivid and hopeful picture of America for his wife and allows her to feel and experience what he does. [Show More]

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