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Pharmacology HESI Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A+ Assess AP for a full minute; if its below 60 or above 100 then hold the drug. Correct Answer- What do you do before administering Digoxi... n? Postive & negative Correct Answer- Digoxin has a _______ inotrope &_________ chronotrope. Positive inotrope Correct Answer- increases force of contraction Negative chronotrope Correct Answer- decreases HR Digoxin toxicity Correct Answer- Lasix can cause hypokalemia, which can lead to what toxicity? dig toxicity Correct Answer- A client with longterm hx use of digoxin and lasix can create a high risk of what? 0.5 - 2 ng/mL Correct Answer- What is the normal range for digoxin? 3.5 - 5.0 mEq/L Correct Answer- What is the normal level for potassium? potassium and magnesium Correct Answer- What 2 electrolyte deficiency would cause a increase risk for digoxin toxicity? Anorexia, bradycardia, HA, dizziness, confusion, nausea, and visual disturbances (blurred vision, yellow vision, and/or halo vision). Correct Answer- What are the S/S of digoxin toxicity? HTN Correct Answer- Labetalol is a beta blocker used to tx what condition? Notify the prescriber for the low pulse (bradycardia) and do not give the med. Correct Answer- Patient is about to be administered Labetalol for HTN. The nurse checks the patient's pulse and it is below 60. What step does the nurse take next? Weight gain (fluid retention); Monitor patient's weight daily. 1 kg = 2.2 lb = 1,000 mL fluid gain or loss in 24 hours. Correct Answer- Major SE of labetalol? How do you assess for this? Chest Pain Correct Answer- Nitroglycerin transdermal patch is for tx of..... at bedtime to allow 8 hours without patch ( can produce tolerance in 24 hours) Correct Answer- When do you remove the nitroglycerin patch? patient may use SL nitro when wearing patch if patient having chest pain. Correct Answer- A patient who is prescribed the nitroglycerin patch for angina is still continuing to have chest pain. What is a nursing consideration for this? B/c it can cause severe vasodilation, decrease in BP, & intense HA. Correct Answer- Why wear gloves when applying a nitroglycerin patch? They can take APAP for the HA. Correct Answer- What can a patient take if experiencing a HA while taking nitroglycerin? decrease rate of nitro drip Correct Answer- Pt. in CCU/ICU on nitro drip; becomes hypotensive, what does the nurse do? Yes b/c nitrates cause hypotension. Correct Answer- is it OK to give nitroglycerin to a patient who is hypertensive?) blood vessels; blood vessels & heart Correct Answer- CCB "dipines" affect the ______ only. While CCBs Verapamil & diltiazem affects the _________ & ________. vasodilation Correct Answer- CCBs "dipines" causes ? vasoconstriction Correct Answer- CCBs Verapamil & diltiazem causes? dizziness, facial flushing, hypotension, edema, constipation Correct Answer- SE of CCBs Monitor HR, BP. Avoid grapefruit juice. Correct Answer- Nursing considerations CCBs HTN Correct Answer- Aliskiren (Tekturna) is a direct renin inhibitor that tx for? 1. Don't take if pregnant (Stop drug is become pregnant). 2. Don't take with high fat meal. 3. May increase potassium so don't take with other drugs that increase potassium. Correct Answer- Teaching for Aliskiren (Tekturna)? pulmonary edema Correct Answer- Lasix is a loop diuretic that used for rapid diuresis in emergencies. It tx for.... Asses for muscle cramps, and muscle weakness. Correct Answer- Lasix may produce hypokalemia. How do you assess for this? Hypokalemia, hypotension, F/E abnormalities, and dehydration, dizziness, HA, tinnitus, N/V/D, hypokalemia, ototoxicity with aminoglycosides (-mycin). Correct Answer- SE of lasix 1. Avoid taking lasix with aminoglycosides due to potential risk of ototoxicity. 2. Pt may need to be potassium supplements. Correct Answer- Lasix nursing considerations. Dried fruits, fish, leafy veggies, squash, beans, meats, nuts, bananas, potatoes, dairy products. Correct Answer- Foods containing potassium.... 1. assess overall condition of the veins. Use large vein, like antecubital (AC) vein when administering potassium. 2. Venous access is important because IV potassium can irritate the vein. 3. [Show More]

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