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Intro Analytics Modeling - ISYE-6501 Homework 7

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Intro Analytics Modeling - ISYE-6501 Homework 7 Question 10.1 Using the same crime data set uscrime.txt as in Questions 8.2 and 9.1, find the best model you can using (a) a regression tree model, ... and (b) a random forest model. In R, you can use the tree package or the rpart package, and the randomForest package. For each model, describe one or two qualitative takeaways you get from analyzing the results (i.e., don’t just stop when you have a good model, but interpret it too). Answer: (a) a regression tree model R code: Intro Analytics Modeling - ISYE-6501 Intro Analytics Modeling - ISYE-6501 Plots: Intro Analytics Modeling - ISYE-6501 Conclusion: Looks like pruning the tree actually increased the residual mean deviance, implying that it's a worse fit. Interesting [Show More]

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