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MSSC Maintenance Awareness Practice Test (2022/2023) Rated A+

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MSSC Maintenance awareness practice test (2022/2023) Rated A+ A burn or pungent odor of oil indicates ✔✔excessive temperature A Chain should be replaced when its length becomes ______longer tha... n the original length. ✔✔3 percent A common sign of a misaligned coupling is _____________. ✔✔excessive vibration A multimeter is a multipurpose devise that can measure ✔✔voltage, current, and resistance A power diagram is used in addition to a ladder diagram to determine_________. ✔✔All of these (How the input functions on the machine, The sequence of operations, How the output functions on the machine) A power tool has the ground prong broken off of the plug on the power cord. What should be done? ✔✔Remove the power tool from service A shaft coupling may be out of round if dial indicator shows _____________. ✔✔any movement A sight glass in a reservoir usually indicates the ______ of fluid. ✔✔level A tool should be sharpened ✔✔When an unacceptable surface finish is present A viscos meter is a device used for measuring the viscosity of an oil and is generally _______ accurate. ✔✔95%-99% A well designed workstation places tools and equipment where they can be ✔✔available with minimum stress A workstation should be designed to minimize motions that can ✔✔cause repetitive/ stress injuries All documentation of preventive maintenance should be kept ✔✔in a designated, safe and secure location An electrical diagram that arranges wires of a circuit into order rows is called a(n) _____________. ✔✔ladder diagram An employee come to work on a rainy day and finds water dripping on tools in their workstation. What should the employee do first? ✔✔report the situation to the supervisor Because dial indicators are fairly delicate, they should _________ during adjustment of the motor position. ✔✔be removed Before adjusting motor position during a shaft alignment always make sure to remove the _____________. ✔✔dial indicator Both analog and digital voltmeters measure ✔✔Potential difference Circuit testers determine if ______ electricity is present. ✔✔AC Daily maintenance involves daily records because ✔✔Recurring events can be analyzed to troubleshoot problems Records indicate how long a machine will run without lubrication Devises called ____________ often serve as the brains of the automated machine. ✔✔relays Documentation that should be kept regarding a specific piece of equipment includes ✔✔maintenance log Feeler gauge, rulers, height gauges and dial indicators are commonly used for which task? ✔✔alignment of industrial machines For purposes of an oil analysis, one important category of information will be the ✔✔Oil viscosity Gas cylinders need to be chained securely to keep them ✔✔from falling or tipping over Heavy axial loads are better handled by ________? ✔✔angular contact bearings High temperature can _____________ of a bearing. ✔✔limit life Housekeeping inspections and audits should include ✔✔Unbiased auditors or inspectors How is a cam likely to be mounted on a shaft? ✔✔welded How many extension cords are permitted to run across the floor of a workstation? ✔✔0 If a company does follow-up work after a PM that is considered ________maintenance. ✔✔reactive If a machine is expected to have downtime for several shifts, the appropriate communication between shifts for Lockout/Tagout procedures is ✔✔verify energy state on machine, then change locks If a motor starts blowing fuses or tripping thermals, the most likely cause is ✔✔An overload motor If a technician has unwired a motor from a disconnect and the circuit breaker still trips, the next logical step is to ______ and see if the breaker trips again. ✔✔replace the circuit breaker If suspended metal products were found in oil analysis, it would indicate ✔✔Bearing problems In a PM audit, the _____ would likely be negatively impacted if there were a large number of uncompleted PM work orders. ✔✔critical path It is important to have a/an ____________ to complete the PM work on a machine ✔✔completion date Leveling all machine components prior to coupling them _____________. ✔✔reduces the number of needed shims Low pressure in a hydraulic pump's suction line causes what malfunction? ✔✔cavitation Lubrication and other _____________ maintenance activities should be checked daily to ensure they are performed. ✔✔preventive Machine closures usually have _______ to prevent entry during machine operation. ✔✔limit switch - interlocks and photocells Making sure that a motor shaft is level ✔✔increases stress on the motor Misaligned coupling can cause _________ in machinery. ✔✔vibration Motor shaft runout is checked to make sure of proper _____________. ✔✔alignment of mating components NOT logic is formed by _____________. ✔✔one normally closed switch Oxygen cylinders must be kept ______ away from combustion points. ✔✔25 ft. Predictive maintenance is a type of maintenance program that does what function? ✔✔identifies machine parts or components failures before a major breakdown Preventive maintenance schedule would commonly include ✔✔frequency Prior to shutting down a machine for preventive maintenance, the operator must ✔✔remove all the debris and any residue from the machine Proper storage of tools helps keep them ✔✔in good working order Reactive Maintenance is considered a(n) _____________ activity. ✔✔unplanned maintenance Scheduled housekeeping inspections would ordinarily include ✔✔verification that the floor is clean and free of debris Scheduled replacement of minor parts that tend to wear out quickly is an important parts of _______maintenance ✔✔preventive Seizing, in reference to bearings and shafts, is a condition resulting from ✔✔lack of lubrication Shaft coupling are critical parts of any transmission system. Which one of these can cause a coupling to fail? ✔✔all of the above (Shaft failure b. wear c. All of these d. corrosion) Smaller dirt particles are removed from the air by the filter's ✔✔element The best place for an operator to find information regarding the handling of all lubricants and safety precaution is in ✔✔SDS The drive motor and equipment are protected by overload clutches when ✔✔something jams or binds in the machinery The flexible or rigid protection for electrical wiring to motors is provided mainly for the prevention of ✔✔damage The following is an important key planned maintenance activity ✔✔Lubrication of equipment The most common maintenance problem with vibration on fans is caused by ✔✔sediment and product buildup The most obvious indicator that the V-belt pulleys are worn beyond usefulness is when the ✔✔belt is touching the bottom of the groove The part of electrical circuits that gives the operator control is the ✔✔input devise The primary purpose of a switch ✔✔Energize and DE energize circuits The procedure for identifying machine component failure prior to major breakdown is referred to as a _________ maintenance program. ✔✔preventive The two major types of misalignment that are corrected by shaft alignment are _____________. ✔✔angular and parallel The worst enemy of hydraulic system is ✔✔contamination The _______ test will show cracks in the surface of ferrous metal. ✔✔magnaflux The _____________ filter, commonly used on suction or return lines, is similar in appearance to a pressure line filter but cannot withstand the full pressure of the hydraulic system. ✔✔cartridge type filter To assure proper alignment of motors with mating equipment, the first step is to ✔✔check shaft runout To check sheave wear, ✔✔measure each groove angle To convert gauge pressure to absolute pressure___________ ✔✔add atmospheric pressure to the gauge pressure To maintain equipment, technicians should _____________. ✔✔Perform daily equipment checks To which standard must preventative maintenance be performed? ✔✔equal to its original or properly altered condition Trouble that keeps recurring at regular intervals on the same detail should result in ✔✔A thorough check for history of similar problem Turning outputs on or off through relay contacts is called _____________. ✔✔control logic What does the PDCA Cycle stand for? ✔✔Plan-Do-Check-Act What is the Goal of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)? ✔✔zero breakdowns and defects What should be done first when an employee witnesses a pool of oil under a machine? ✔✔spread oil dry or sand on the oil spot When a Maintenance Technician completes a scheduled PM work order the will also verify that ✔✔the operator of the equipment is satisfied When current in a circuit is too high, it is usually the result of to many loads or a _____________. ✔✔short circuit When finished with an oil rag, it should be disposed of ✔✔in an appropriate fireproof container When inspecting for out of round shaft, any movement when rotating the shaft of the Dial Indicator show that the ✔✔The shaft may be out of round When lubricating a bearing, the worst mistake to make would be ✔✔get dirt into the bearing When time-delay relays are used for sequencing, they basically take the place of which type of device ✔✔stop pushbuttons When you are determining a grade on a bolt, and you see 3 line on the bolt head, what is the grade of this bolt? ✔✔3 Which of the following would be classified as an unplanned downtime maintenance activity? ✔✔reactive maintenance Which of the following circumstance is most likely to result in a shock from electrical devises? ✔✔improper grounding of the circuit Which of the following is true regarding bearing maintenance? ✔✔over-lubrication of bearing can damage the seal Which of the following is an indication that a filter needs to be replaced? ✔✔excessive back pressure Which of the following would indicate water contamination of oil? ✔✔milky color Which of the following is common material for the tubing in high pressure hydraulic service? ✔✔stainless steel Which of the following is the primary cause of pump cavitation? ✔✔suction line pressure is to low Which of the following is an advantage of a circuit breaker over a fuse? ✔✔can be reset Which of the following elements describes two or more normally closed switches in series? ✔✔NOR Which of the following statements describes a limit switch? ✔✔all of the above (b. It is a switch used to sense the position of a machine member. c. It is a simple, low in cost, reliable device. d. It is the most frequently-used input device on automatic machines.) Which type of logic element uses a control relay? ✔✔memory With increasing temperature, the viscosity of liquid ✔✔increases substantially Working with power tools, an employee finds that their face shield is missing. What should the employee do? ✔✔DO NOT work with power tools until face shield is available [Show More]

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