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Washington State License Test Practice (2022/2023) Rated A+

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Washington State License Test Practice (2022/2023) Rated A+ What is the maximum speed limit in cities and towns unless otherwise posted? ✔✔25 mph Before changing directions, you must keep your ... turn signal on for how far? ✔✔100 feet What should you do if your breaks stop working? ✔✔Pump the brake pedal several times to try to build pressure Approximately how many drinks of alcohol will the human body get rid of each hour? ✔✔1 drink At least how far must you be from any fire hydrants when parking? ✔✔15 feet If you change addresses, how soon must you notify the department of licensing? ✔✔10 days Should you use high beams or low beams in the fog? ✔✔Low beams On a roadway with 3 or more lanes, when must you stop for a school bus with flashing red lights? ✔✔When travelling in the same direction as the bus How many seconds behind the car in front of you should you try to be at all times for safety reasons? ✔✔4 seconds By law, your vehicle's lights must be turned on from what time to what time? ✔✔30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise Drivers entering an intersection to turn left may enter the intersection if... ✔✔They can get through it without having to stop To avoid a collision, you should... ✔✔Stop, turn, or speed up You may only park on the side of a freeway if... ✔✔You are having an emergency You must dim your high beams when you're how close to an oncoming vehicle? ✔✔500 feet If you refuse to take a blood alcohol content test, you lose your license for at least how long? ✔✔1 year When at an uncontrolled intersection, you must... ✔✔Slow down and yield to any vehicle coming from the right How should you drive at night? ✔✔Slow down and always use your high beams when there are no oncoming vehicles At least how close to the curb must your vehicle be parked to be parked legally? ✔✔12 inches If there is an injury, death, or $700 or more of property damage to any one person's property, you must report an accident to law enforcement within... ✔✔4 days The buyer of a vehicle must transfer ownership within how long from the date of purchase? ✔✔15 days How far are you allowed to travel in a 2-way left turn lane? ✔✔300 feet [Show More]

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