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Auburn University - BIOL 2510 quiz final. Graded 100%. All Correct Answers

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Lymphatic 1. The lymphatic capillaries function to absorb the excess protein-containing interstitial fluid and return it to the bloodstream 1. True False 2. Lymphatic capillary permeability is... due to minivalves and protein filaments. 1. True 2. False 3. There are more efferent lymphatic vessels leaving a lymph node than there are afferent vessels entering a lymph node 1. True 2. False 4. The thymus is the only lymphoid organ that does not DIRECTLY fight antigens. 1. True 2. False 5. Which of the following statements regarding the thymus is FALSE? 1. It functions strictly in T lymphocyte maturation. 2. It does not directly fight antigens. 3. Its stroma consists of epithelial tissue. 4. It has follicles similar to those in the spleen. 6. What is the consequence of obstruction of the lymphatic 1. Obstruction of the lymphatics results in edema distal in the body to the obstruction. 2. Obstruction of the lymphatics results in edema proximal in the body to the obstruction. 3. none of this are true Endocrine_a_2ndrunseesion 1. Which group of messengers is defined as acting on cells within the same tissue? 1. Autocrines 2. Hormones 3. Paracrines 4. Eicosanoids 2. A major difference between neurotransmitters and hormones is that hormones reach their destination via __________. 1. direct contact on their target cell 2. cerebrospinal fluid 3. ducts 4. the blood 3. Receptors for steroid hormones are commonly located __________. 1. inside the target cell 2. on the plasma membrane of the target cell 3. in the blood plasma 4. in the extracellular fluid 4. In order for a hormone to activate a target cell, the target cell must possess 1. receptor 2. second messenger 3. the hormone 4. chaperone 5. When the pancreas releases insulin in direct response to blood glucose, this is an example of __________ stimulation 1. humoral 2. neural 3. hormonal 4. negative feedback Endocrine_b Delete module 1. Explain how antidiuretic hormone can help regulate an abnormal increase in solute concentration in the extracellular fluid. 1. The release of antidiuretic hormone can regulate an increase in solute concentration by causing reabsorption of water by the kidney. With reabsorption, blood water volume increases, decreasing solute concentration 2. The release of antidiuretic hormone can regulate a decrease in solute concentration by not absorbing water by the kidney. so blood water volume decreases, 3. none of this are correct 2. John is a 26-year-old man who begins to notice a progressive enlargement of feet, hands, cranium, nose, and lower jaw bone. His doctor recommends a pituitary gland operation. What is the most likely diagnosis? 1. Acromegali 2. Gigantism 3. Dwarfism 3. A man has been told that he is NOT synthesizing enough follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and for this reason he may be unable to father a child. Choose the correct statement to explain this problem. 1. FSH stimulates estrogen secretion by ovarian cells; therefore it is not synthesized by males. 2. A hormone made in the anterior pituitary cannot influence fertility. 3. FSH stimulates sperm production in the testes. 4. The man must be producing progesterone, which inhibits the synthesis of FSH. 4. Several hormones are synthesized in the hypothalamus and transported to the anterior pituitary gland. The mechanism of transportation from hypothalamus to anterior pituitary gland is through the ________. 1. hepatic portal system 2. general circulatory system 3. hypophyseal portal system 4. feedback loop [Show More]

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