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Prescriptive Ans- Analytics is a broad term that refers to a variety of tools that inform managerial decisions. Which term can be used to describe managerial decisions Relatively lower cost of comp... uter storage Higher computer processing power Ans- What are two reasons for the increasing use of analytics in organizational decision making? Choose 2 answers By quantifying risk Ans- In what way does probability theory inform decision-making for managers? Ordinal data Ans- Which type of data are the Olympic medals of gold, silver, and bronze examples of? It reduces the amount of incomplete data. It cleans data. Ans- What are some of the aspects of data quality management? Choose 2 answers Missing data Misspelled data Ans- Which two attributes indicate potential data quality issues when evaluating a set of nominal data? Choose 2 answers Systematic error Ans- When conducting a study that measures an individual's weight, all scales are calibrated prior to use in measurement. Which type of error should this procedure significantly reduce? The response variable Ans- An advertising manager creates a research study by presenting low, medium, or high frequency of the same ad in matched markets. The manager then reports on sales in each market location. What is the term for the different sales in this study? [Show More]

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